The Evolution of Xbox

Xbox as we know it today is a brand built by Microsoft.  But it was not so long ago that the original Xbox was in our midst. The original Xbox was released on November 15th, 2001 in North America and a little later for other continents. While to some young people that may seem like forever ago, that is only about 15 years time. It was a large bulky box as you can see in the image provided.

The Original Xbox
The Original Xbox

The next in the line of Xboxs was the Xbox 360. This was released in November 2005 and competed against Playstation 3 and don’t forget the Nintendo Wii. Believe it or not, this generation is officially the seventh generation of video game consoles. The Xbox 360 was much slimmer than the original Xbox and obviously much more powerful. This console went through a series of upgrades and this was about when Xbox live service came about.

Xbox 360 Console
The Xbox 360 Console

That brings us to the Xbox One. The latest generation of consoles, the eighth generation. While not as dramatically different in the console’s outward appearance than the previous upgrade, the hardware was again much better. This allowed for lifelike games and graphic animations. The Xbox One has not sold as many units as the PlayStation 4, but it is catching up. The good thing for Xbox owners is that Microsoft has not given up. They continue to update the console and add extra additions such as the Xbox Elite Controller.

Xbox One Console
The Xbox One Console

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